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10 SHORTCUTS for your MAC:

Posted by Ray Harji on

If you’re coming from Windows computer, you might need to take note of some basic Mac shortcuts that will allow you to work with an exceptional efficiency:


1) Command-Q: Quit any Program

2) Command-W: Close whatever active window you are using

3) Command-T: It opens a new Tab in any web browser

4) Command-Tab: an Application switcher

5) Command-X, Command-C, Command-V: Cut, Copy and Paste

6) Command-F: Search tool for Safari, Finder or Chrome, or in Pages or Word document.

7) Command-Shift-3: Screenshot

8) Command-Option-Esc: Force quit for an app that it’s not responding

9) Command-Shift-A, -U, -D, -H: In the Finder, you’ll need to navigate to the common folders: Applications, Utilities, Desktop

10)Command-H: Hide the current active appShortcuts MacPro-LA


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